How it works
Finals World League
Create and Join a Team
Join the Finals World League Discord with your team members. Once you and your team have joined the discord server, have the team captain and your team members log in to by clicking on the login button. After that visit your profile to create a team. When you create your team, you can Invite your friends using their Discord usernames also shown on the profile page.
If you’re a player who has been invited to a team, make sure you joined the Discord and log onto Finals World League Website and visit your profile to accept or reject the invite. Once you have three players on the roster, you’re ready to sign up for tournaments.
Register for a tournament
As your teams captain, visit the tournament section and initiate your registration process by clicking on the registration button. Follow the official Discord channel for the latest updates.
Once the tournament starts, the team captains will be assigned to a private channel on the discord, as well as the admins of the tournament. This is where you can ask questions, submit results and address issues. Now, you can start playing!